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Thank you very much to http://shreyandpixlar.wordpress.com/ who have chosen my blog nominated in Versatile Blogger, Kreative Blogger. It is a big motivation for me to continue blogging everyday and bring more new and interesting ideas into my blog! Also, I would like to thank all my followers, and all the visitors.

There are a few rules when we get nominated for this reward.
1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass the award to 7 nominees (15 for the Versatile Blogger)

About me :

1. I’m a Photographer Journalist

2. My Hobby is outdoor activity

3. live in East Java, Indonesia

4. Coffee is my favorite drink

5. Often find it difficult to sleep at night

6. Like to watch football, even though I myself am not skilled to play football

7. been fined for being late paying vehicle tax

Seven Kreative Blogger Award go to :

1. Photo Talk Daily http://phototalkdaily.wordpress.com

2. Anna Chan http://annachanhokidoki.wordpress.com

3. Akim http://akimynation.wordpress.com

4. Roxanne http://photosbyrmh.com

5. LonelyTravelog http://lonelytravelog.wordpress.com

6. Michelle http://atouchofthedivine.wordpress.com

7. urbanmoda http://urbanmoda.wordpress.com

The following are my NOMINEES:
Fifteen Versatile Blogger Awards go to:

1. Aulia http://aulia87.wordpress.com/

2. Sue (Mac’s Girl) http://sfkfsfcfef.wordpress.com

3. kofegeek http://kofegeek.wordpress.com

4. Dave http://davehornbyphotography.wordpress.com

5. pause http://rodpossefamily.wordpress.com

6. Muthe http://critiquemyphotos.wordpress.com

7.  asahjaya http://asahjaya.wordpress.com

8. weavinglight http://weavinglight.wordpress.com

9. WiLL http://wperspective.wordpress.com

10. kotev1000 http://kotev25.wordpress.com

11. sallywoodphotography http://sallywoodphotography.wordpress.com

12. AJBopp http://ajbopp.wordpress.com

13. ARIANNE http://theesurrealist.wordpress.com

14. Helen Lysen http://helenlysen.com

15. Ian Spagnolo http://ianspagnolo.wordpress.com